Elevation Data

– contour lines and hypsometric layers at a glance

Information about the elevation expressed in elevation contour lines and hypsometric layers provide a high value for many different geo-applications. The PTV Group can provide a wide range of ELEVATION DATA in various forms for a multitude of applications.

Much of this data have been optimized for use with other PTV Group datasets and provide relevant information for touristic, climatic or geologic purposes. For many geographic regions, the PTV Group can also supply 3D-views based on the elevation contour lines.

Maps displaying the elevation using relief effects are especially informative. The PTV Group has designed a new software tool enabling the relief of the terrain surface to be seen. The three-dimensional effect is produced through geographic shading, i.e. by brightening or darkening the color depending on shadow cast.

The ELEVATION DATA WITH RELIEF EFFECT are available for almost the entire surface of the earth. 


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DDS Digital Data Services GmbH, a subsidiary of the PTV Group, is the leading supplier of data an content to increase the application fileds of your PTV products.

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