NAVSTREETS™ from HERE (formerly Navteq)

Enhancement with potential data and other data

NAVStreetsTM from HERE (formerly Navteq) is one of the most frequently-used street networks; it is suitable for navigation and routing applications, as well as for cartography or geocoding. Among its stand-out characteristics are depth of detail and density of information.

Thanks to many years of successful partnership with HERE, DDS can not only offer NAVStreets as a data package, but can also provide consulting in all aspects of the versatile implementation possibilities. Sections or adaptations in existing data environments or GIS environments are also available from DDS. In addition, DDS also offers the NAVStreets extension with market data or demographic data, through which the street network can be used far more effectively.

For your particular application it is possible that slightly generalized street data will also be fully sufficient. In this case we offer alternatives, such as Digital Data Streets, our street network on the basis of refined and prepared NAVStreets. Information on Digital Data Streets is provided on the appropriate product page.


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