Road and Street Maps


The road networks of AND/PTV Digital Geography contain 14.8m km of roads in 205 countries, including the overland network with all motorways, national and regional highways. For most countries the dataset also contains much additional information such as street names, road categories, direction, one-way streets, point locations, administrative boundaries, rail lines, bodies of water, and building developments. Using our country search feature you can find more detailed information about the road network. For countries not listed we can supply the available road network data on request.

For Europe, North America, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand data are available at a scale of 1:250,000, for Asia, Africa and South America at a scale of 1:2,000,000. The absolute position precision as a rule lies between 50m in urban areas and 1km in sparsely populated areas.

The data are suitable for background maps, for internet applications and routing applications.

A test version of these digital road networks can be found in the test data in our download area.

The detailed road and street network DIGITAL DATA STREETS is available for Europe as well as for the USA.


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