Statistical Areas

Official administrative divisions are often insufficiently precise, particularly for marketing purposes or locational analysis. It is often more meaningful in this regard to examine areas that are comparable in terms of population density, structure and, ideally, consumer behaviour.

For many countries worldwide no such statistical regions exist. In these cases we can normally help you by providing a specific combination of administrative boundaries in addition to statistical data such as census counts. Information regarding data availability for a variety of countries can be found using our country search feature.

  • The AZ DEUTSCHLAND-RASTER supplies a pure area-based regional division. Thus it is primarily suitable for long-range market evaluations regardless of the changes in administrative or postal boundaries. The raster cells are available in six levels from the macro range of 10x10 kilometers to the total of more than 23 million 125x125 meter cells. Extensive data sets for demography, purchasing power and geographical characteristics are available for each raster level. Evaluations on the detail level can be easily combined with multi-regional evaluations due to unique allocation to the next higher level.
  • The statistical regions KGS12 are formed on the basis of the official municipality key. In this regard the official KGS data on the municipality level (that is updated each quarter) is precisely broken down to the address level. The KGS12 system follows the distribution into more than 31,000 statistical districts of the Federal Republic of Germany.


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