Points of Interest

Used for site analysis or salesforce planning, POI give information on the development of a specific site and its transport connection to private and public utilities.

The PTV Group´s POINTS OF INTEREST provide you with detailed information on the neighbourhood of your current location: e.g. number and location of schools, night clubs, train stations or shopping malls, but also about competitors of your own industry.

Our considerable range of location data supports all aspects of your location analysis with information on transport connection, infrastructure, subsidiaries of trade or restaurant chains, or the structure of resident industries.

POI are available in packages that can be customized to your individual requirements:

  • Places of interest and tourism;
  • Accommodation and lodging;
  • Dining, entertainment, sport;
  • Transport and mobility;
  • Schools in Germany;
  • Consumers, retail, and service.

In addition, many POI are available with exact address data for marketing and sales purposes, or the service industry. Moreover, POI can be combined with PTV Group's other data packages, i.e. Digital Data Streets, regional boundaries or routing data.


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